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  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

    ROUNDED & CLEAN- A premium green tea selected for its wonderfully smooth and refreshing flavour.

    Buy €4.95
  • Large Peppermint Leaf

    Large Peppermint Leaf

    EAT DRINK & BE MERRY- Only the largest and freshest leaves are selected for a most refreshing brew.

    Buy €4.95
  • Oolong Blend

    Oolong Blend

    FRESH & FLOWERY- Our fresh and flowery oolong tea is mixed with Linden flowers, elderflowers and pomegranate flowers for antioxidants with...

    Buy €6.95
  • Whole Chamomile Flowers

    Whole Chamomile Flowers

    CALM DOWN DEAR - Our chamomile is picked by hand so we get the whole flower and nothing but the flower....

    Buy €4.95



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